Drugtest cups are fairly valuable in detecting substance abuse

Drugtest cups are fairly valuable in detecting substance abuse. However,drug test strips also serve same purpose, this test differs indesign. This alteration in design offers distinct compensations tousers. Some significant advantages of this apparatus, especiallymulti-panel test cups are discussed in detail in this article.

Multi-paneltest cups Benefits:

Comparedto other test kits, they have advantages such as, safe, easy samplecollection in cup, detecting sample adulteration, check multipledrugs, easy, convenient to use, quick, accurate, cost-effective. Letus discuss each benefit briefly.

Avoidsample handling:

Unlikeother test kits, multi-panel test cups do not entail physicalhandling urine sample. Many a times, handling urine sample causesuneasiness to persons involved in test administration. This is moreso in places such as workplace, schools do not involve medicalspecialists. These kits are, beneficial in such circumstances. Theyare also appropriate for on-scene testing.

Detectsample adulteration:

Multi-paneltest cups are tamper proof - sample adulteration is collected isplain out. Additional, these cups are inherent to notice sampleadulteration, if any. These features, i.e., being tamper proofability to detect adulteration ensure test conducted gives reliableresults.

Checkfor multiple drugs:

Theyare available in single multi-panel designs. While former can detectonly one substance at a time, latter is quite useful in detectingmore than one substance in sample. They can detect substances likeopiates (opium derivatives like heroin, cocaine, etc.), marijuana,barbiturates, phencyclidine, amphetamines, and other substances.People can examination for these medications all in one go by meansof multi-panel urine drug test collection. These are useful inroutine screening at offices, law implementation activities, etc.

Easyconvenient to use:

Thesekits are plain easy to use. You do not need to have any specialskills while treatment these kits, nor do you necessitate anyadditional instrument or application to handle them. Unlike teststrips, where you need to collect urine in a separate container, youcan collect sample in a sterilized cup for urine drug test. Moreover,by collecting sample once, you can check for multiple drugs.

Providequick accurate results:

Drugtest give results fast - within three to eight minutes. These resultsare reliable accurate as they are interfere resistant. Additional,these have been planned rendering to standards laid down by FDA.


Theyare affordable economical. When there is routine substance screeningrequirement to test for numerous materials, these kits aretremendously cooperative. This equipment is cost effective; employersfind it more optimal effective in fulfilling intent. Pricing startsat about $7.

Multi-panelurine drug test, thus, have numerous compensations. They can be usedat any place counting home-based, factory, seminary, etc.

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